PSLC Festivals

The Ardingly College Lodge is proud to be celebrating its centenary this year, having been founded in 1922. We are also delighted to have been given the honour of hosting the 88th Public Schools Lodges' Council Festival at Ardingly College.

Ardingly College is situated in the heart of Sussex, affording superb views of the beautiful South Downs. We look forward to welcoming both masonic and non-masonic guests on Saturday 2nd July 2022.

For more information and to book tickets, please visit our website:

The first Festival was held at Westminster in 1910 and was followed by Festivals at Charterhouse in 1912, Cheltenham in 1913 and Sherborne in 1914.

Festivals did not take place during the First World War, but restarted in 1920 at Clifton. They then occurred annually, until the hostilities of the Second World War forced their suspension until 1957.

The Festival has been planned up to 2057 and will be hosted by the Lodges according to the details below.

PSLC Festivals